Standard Manual Prober HMP-800(8inch) / HMP-1200(12inch)

Standard Manual Prober HMP-800(8inch) / HMP-1200(12inch)

Standard Manual Prober Model

Standard Manual Prober HMP-800 / 1200

This is a standard manual prober that supports 8 inch or 12 inch wafers.
This prober supports reliable on-wafer measurements with a simple yet high-accuracy mechanism that is easy to operate.
This standard manual prober model is scalable to support a wide range of applications such as hot chuck systems (from room temperature to +200°C or +300°C), submicron resolution stages, and laser cutters.

HiSOL, Inc. is a solution partner company of Keysight Technologies, Inc.

HiSOL, Inc. is a solution partner company of Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Model with built-in stereomicroscope

Model with built-in metallograph


  • Temperature characteristics tests in range from +20°C to +300°C
  • Ultra low signal I-V measurements (fA level)
  • Various C-V measurements (quasi-static C-V, HF-CV, and RF-CV)
  • RF measurements (up to 67 GHz)
  • Ultra high-speed I-V measurements

Extended applications

  • Probe card support (can support Multisite WLR)
  • Probing with submicron accuracy achieved by a built-in metallograph, active vibration isolator, and ultra high-accuracy stage
  • High-power device measurements (200A pulse, ±3kV triaxial, ±10kV coaxial)

System configuration examples

Model with built-in metallograph
Equipped with a hot chuck that supports a temperature range from +20°C to +300°C.

Model with built-in high performance stereomicroscope
Equipped with the probe card adapter.

Typical specifications

Item HMP-800 HMP‐1200
Wafer Size ~ φ200 mm ~ φ300 mm
X‐Y coarse travel X:205mm,Y:300mm X:305mm,Y:400mm
X‐Y fine travel XY:13mm/Micro meter head
θ travel coarse ±30°, fine ±2.5°
Platen Z axis action 0 / 0.3 / 10mm
0~13mm 0 to 15 mm
Unit dimension(W×D×H)* 550×650×450mm 690×780×450mm
Weight* 60kg 80kg

* Items with asterisk vary depending on system configuration.

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